Volunteer Stories: Scott Hardesty

Scott is a worship volunteer who has played drums and served since the early days of Journey Church.

Occasionally we like to tell stories of our volunteers on our teams, partially so you can get to know the people you serve with that you may not know very well, and also to be inspired by the great things God is doing in their lives. Below is an interview we did with Scott Hardesty, a worship volunteer who has played drums and served since the early days of Journey Church.

Josh: Scott, tell us what you do for a living?

Scott: I am a financial analyst for Bell & Howell, a manufacturing company located in Durham NC.

J: That’s awesome. That means you’re smart. I need to hang out with you more! So, tell us about what inspired you to start playing music. How did it originate for you?

S: Sure. Well, when I was 5 years old, I got a mini set of drums for Christmas.  Around that time, one of my cousins had a record by the rock band KISS that she didn’t want and she gave it to me.  I instantly loved the record and began trying to imitate what I was hearing on my tiny drum set.  Soon after I was buying other records and learning to play along with them as well.

J: KISS. Nice! I should have known. Well, tell us about the gear you typically use when you travel, or what you have at home.

S: I own a set of Mapex Mars Pro series drums that I bought back in 2000. The decision to buy them was simple – I went into a music store & tried out every drum set they had (in my price range!) and picked the one I thought sounded the best.  I use Zildjian cymbals, most of which I have had for several years, including a 18” China cymbal that I’ve owned since 1989!

J: Awesome! So, you mean you actually played them before you bought them? What a novel idea! 🙂 Seriously though, it seems these days people buy before hearing. Bad idea. Okay, so I can probably guess from your previous answer, but what are some of your greatest musical influences?

S: Haha! As I mentioned earlier, listening to KISS was what made me want to play drums so I consider them, and their drummer Peter Criss, my biggest influence.  In the 1980’s I discovered the band Rush and their drummer Neil Peart blew my mind. His playing completely changed the way I approached the drums.  In the early 1990’s a friend of mine played a recording of the song “Metropolis” by Dream Theater, it was the most complex, difficult, and amazing song I had ever heard.  I became a big fan of the band and their drummer Mike Portnoy, and he is still one of my favorites today.

J: Wow! Ole Mike Portnoy. Crazy good player. Interestingly enough, he recently said that he wasn’t as keen on drum solos anymore. Sounds blasphemous to me! 🙂 Okay, so you’re in a band called Joe Hero–that’s no secret. You guys are legends around North Carolina. Tell us a little about that. It really is a missional thing for you isn’t it?

S: Yea, it really is. I started the band Joe Hero back in 2005 with a couple of college friends that I had been in previous bands with.  We were a 3-piece and released a couple of CD’s of original music.  The three of us were Christians but it was important to us to play in venues that were atypical for Christians to play in, so we played in mostly bars and clubs.  In 2011 we thought it would be fun to try something different, as well as possibly open a few doors for the band, so we added another guitarist and starting playing shows as a Foo Fighters tribute band, which we still do today.  I definitely think of Joe Hero as a ministry.  It is my prayer that we represent Christ well wherever we go. I feel like our impact is not as much with the audience but with the soundman, the booking agent and/or club owner, other bands, bartenders, etc.  For the most part, those are the people we interact with the most and tend to develop relationships with.

J: So cool! What a great ministry that is. Anything you want to tell us about your travels through the years or other opportunities you’ve had?

S: Well, I’ve been in numerous bands and played a lot of live events and studio recordings over the years, but one of the coolest things I’ve ever done was play in a ministry called ARC back in 1995-96, which was based out of Michigan.  For a year we toured the eastern U.S. playing anti-drug and alcohol assemblies in middle schools and high schools during the day. At nights and on weekends we would play Christian concerts.  It was a pretty grueling touring schedule but we saw a lot of people get saved, and best of all it was in ARC that I met my wife Haley!  She was from Florida and was a singer in the band.

J: I love stories like that. Ironically, that’s how Tasha and I met too. Not with ARC, I mean,… because you would have seen us I think. I just mean that we met in a praise and worship band in college. Worship has a way of binding hearts together with such a strong bond.

S: Very cool, I didn’t know that you guys met that way.

J: Scott, can you tell me what you’re learning lately? What has God been speaking to you about?

S: Currently I feel like God is teaching me to be at peace and be secure in Him, and trust Him with big and small details of my life.  Romans 8:1 and Matthew 6:25-34 have been important verses in my life!

J: Good stuff! Well, bro, thanks for your time. And thanks for sharing your life with us at Journey and using your gifts for Jesus!

S: Thanks!

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