Speaking Truth When We Can’t Find It

“I was really tired,” said Joel Houston, as he was asked what his inspiration was behind writing the song Behold for Hillsong United. He was recuperating from a massive tour, and he just got off an unbearably long plane ride from Los Angeles to Sydney just only to drive to a Hillsong staff conference, so writing a song was the last thing on his mind; however, when he got into his car to drive to the conference, he proceeded to drive two hours past his destination until he ended up in the middle of nowhere. Why? Because he was recording melodies on his phone instead of paying attention to the GPS, and that’s how Behold was written! Here is the link to the full interview from Worship Together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dCpZ4UM_rw

I think it’s safe to assume that we are tired 99.99% of our adult life. It’s not just a state of being, it is who we are as grownups, and as a result we end up reacting out of the flesh instead of the Spirit because of our exhaustion to the things of this world. We are restless for a living substance — something that will satisfy us and give us rest for our soul, and we are prone to wander to empty wells that will never give us lasting peace. This past Sunday at Journey Church, we hit on the topic of having self-control, and our Discipleship Pastor, Tyler Carroll preached the message. This is a subject that is hard to listen to since we all lack self-control in some areas of our lives, thereby requiring us to be honest with ourselves about our sinful habits. When we walk in the Spirit, obeying the Word of the Lord in everything we say and do, we will be successful in overcoming our struggles, but when we flirt with the line between what is good and what is evil, we are bound to fail.

As a worship team, we endeavored to convey this spiritual battle for self-control through the songs we sang, and Behold was an obvious choice. In verse three, it sings “Behold I have a friend, the Spirit breathing holy fire within…my ever-present help speaking truth when I can’t find it.” When we are fatigued and weighed down by our struggles, we are powerless to seek out truth since we are so preoccupied by our own wicked thoughts. That is why it is so imperative to pray without ceasing, and to trust in the voice of the Spirit to light up our broken hearts and give us the way of escape so that we don’t fall into temptation.

Here is the set list we compiled for the weekend:

Never Gonna Stop Singing (E) – Jesus Culture

Send Me Out (B) – Fee

Behold (B) – Hillsong United

Lead Me to the Cross (D) – Hillsong United

What a Beautiful Name (D) – Hillsong Worship

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