I Can Do It Myself!

When it comes to spiritual growth, let me give you a straight answer – no, you can’t.

I remember trying to help my kids with simple tasks when they were younger. They always wanted to try and accomplish the task alone. I am not sure why. I guess it was the push for independence, the satisfaction of accomplishment, and/or just being stubborn to see if they could really do it without any help.

The more I think about this as I type, the more it is dawning on me that we haven’t changed much as we’ve gotten older, especially in the area of growing spiritually. For some reason we behave as if ‘we can do it by ourselves.’ Let me give you a straight answer, ‘No, you can’t.’ Sorry to burst your independent bubble. You can read by yourself, you can pray by yourself, but you can’t grow by yourself, alone. I have been working with students and adults for a long time and I don’t know of one person that has grown to be like Jesus in isolation. You will not be the first. I will not be the first. We need other people to help us stay on track. We know that in order to accomplish the mission Jesus gave us – to make disicples – we need other people.

That’s why we have Journey Groups at Journey, and Solutionary Training Center, and Ministry Teams. They are simply environments to accomplish the mission – helping you follow Jesus. They are crucial for helping you grow to be like Jesus. Don’t cheat yourself out of growing. If for some reason you aren’t in a Journey Group, at STC, or on a Ministry Team, find one or two people to hang with weekly, and grow. Spiritually healthy people grow to be like Jesus and that happens with help from others.

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