His Will Be Done

Abraham and his wife, Sarah grew impatient while waiting for the promise that God would give them a son, thereby bringing shame and regret to his family when he slept with Sarah’s handmaiden. When the children of Israel wanted a sign from God at the base of Mt. Sinai and never received it for forty days, they built a golden calf and worshiped it, bringing judgement onto themselves. Saul lost his kingship whenever he deliberately disobeyed the Word of the Lord through the Prophet Samuel in a futile attempt to maintain control over the war against Israel’s enemies. Even as children of God who have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, we constantly find ourselves in situations where we become impatient with God and try to gain control over our lives. Why is it so hard to wait? Why can’t we have the actual patience without having to undergo the situation that teaches us to have patience?

I think it’s safe to assume that none of us are patient people. It is ingrained into our very beings to be impatient people who are driven by our own pride and selfishness, all the while deceiving ourselves into thinking that we somehow know better than God, the all-powerful, sovereign ruler over our lives. As soon as we see that things are not going our way, we then try to take matters into our own hands, which usually ends badly for everyone involved. We are are most apt to avoid hardships when we fail to see things from God’s eternal perspective, and we are prone to disappointment with God when we fail to trust His point of view. Since God is the master Craftsman over our lives, then we must honor Him and demonstrate faith in Him by exercising patience in the midst of our seasons of waiting and pain. ¬†True followers of Christ will not only rejoice in times of suffering, but they will know how to surrender to God the burdens that cause them to be impatient, making it a regular practice of casting their cares upon their Heavenly Father. They know they can release the issues of life into the hands of God because they believe that it always yields a better result when they declare, “God, Your will be done.”

7/30 Set List:

God Is Here, by Darlene Zschech – D

Glorious Day, by Kristian Stanfill – D

God Is Able, by Hillsong – B

Here In The Presence, by Elevation Worship – A

Can’t Stop Your Love, by Worship Central – A

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