Gospel Intentionality From a Stay-at-Home-Mom

Through normal stay-at-home-mom kind of activities done with gospel-intentionality, a missional lifestyle is being cultivated by this mother of five.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom with little rugrats running around, maybe you’ve wondered how living a missional life is even halfway feasible given the enormous amount of time and energy required for raising your herd. One mom at Journey Church has found that through intentionality in her daily rhythms, missional living is not only possible, it is enjoyable, and it provides a foundational discipleship tool for the little people in her life who call her mom.

Tasha Via spends most of her days raising a brood of five children between the ages of 11 and 4 whom she endearingly calls The Colony. The Colony lives in Rolesville, NC–the “small town, bright future” of northern Wake County. As if raising five kids were not missional enough, Tasha has discovered unique ways to live missionally in the town of Rolesville through her normal routines and rhythms.

Here are three principles of her missional lifestyle followed by examples of each. Maybe you can glean some ideas and begin to incorporate these missional principles in your own life.

  1. Assess immediate needs and then DO something.

Shortly after the ice storm a couple of weeks ago, the downed branches invaded Rolesville like the plague. As Tasha and Jude (her 4-year-old, John Deere-lovin’ pre-schooler) assessed the damage, they immediately set out to help clean up the yards of their two elderly neighbors. They viewed their work of clean-up as an opportunity to bless their neighbors and shine the love of Jesus. It didn’t take a ton of time, but it was work that needed to be done and work that expressed Jesus’ love in a tangible way.



2.  Cultivate ongoing ministry to a specific target group

With seven mouths to feed in the house, a typical rhythm involves frequent trips to the local grocery store. Tasha is on a first-name basis with many of the cashiers and clerks at the local Food Lion, particularly the young teenage girls or young moms who watch her in wide-eyed disbelief as she navigates the aisles with her gaggle of kids. Tasha has begun to view these moments at the checkout as moments to inject the truth of God into ordinary conversation. On one occasion, she stopped to pick up one of the employees who happened to be walking to work that particular day. Through brief yet intentional interaction, she is infusing these women with reminders of Christ’s love for them through the normal rhythm of grocery shopping.

3.  The parents of my kids’ friends = my friends

Moms and dads of small children have the unique opportunity to cultivate friendships with the parents of their kids’ friends. Through playdates, lunches, and afternoon coffees, Tasha has begun building lasting relationships with some of the moms within her kids’ network of friends. Her son Cai has become particularly close with a boy in his 1st grade class at school, which has resulted in many opportunities for Tasha to begin building a friendship with this single mother of two. Regular playdates soon led to text conversations about essential oils and ethnic hair products, allowing for trust and fidelity to be created. Now Tasha is beginning to see significant spiritual conversations taking place and seeds of the gospel planted.

Through normal stay-at-home-mom kind of activities done with gospel-intentionality, a missional lifestyle is being cultivated by this mother of five. If she can do it, so can you.


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