From Dance Class to Dinner

Leanna Caudle is answering the Lord’s call to reach out to a neighborhood family.

We recently caught up with Stephen Caudle who serves on our audio team at Journey. Stephen and his wife Leanna were instrumental in the launch of Life City Church a few years ago, and are now back on the volunteer team at Journey. Stephen shared with us about Leanna’s recent opportunity to engage with some unchurched neighbors. Feeling the Holy Spirit’s call to reach out and befriend them, the Caudle’s are stepping into a missional pattern as simple as sharing meals together. Hear it from Stephen in his own words.

Leanna met a mother at one of our daughter’s dance classes and found out she lives in our neighborhood.  After a very short time of talking with her, she realized how much our families have in common and really felt the Holy Spirit convict her and tell her that we should be investing in this family.  The mother considers herself to be Catholic, but doesn’t really go to church much.  She mentioned that her husband thought he was a Christian, but doesn’t really know anymore.  He doesn’t really think there is a God at this point.

Leanna told me about this conversation as soon as I got home from work that day and we started planning to have them over to our house for dinner.  About a week ago, they came over and we had a great time.  We played some games and had dinner and just started to get to know this family better.  We plan on making it a regular occurance and will be looking for more opportunites to be Jesus to this family.

The reality is, God has placed people all around you that you can begin to invest in and truly befriend in an authentic way. Sharing meals together serves as an incredibly simple, yet profound way to begin living missionally. Begin viewing your table as a mission field.

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