From Blessed to Being a Blessing

One of the defining qualities about a person is how they spend their time and their money. If you take a look at the overall sequence of your calendar and your bank account, then it will become obvious where your priorities lie and what matters most to you. Christ Himself exhorts, “do not lay up for ourselves treasures on earth, where moths and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal (Matt 6:19-20).” In the following verse, He makes the famous statement, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So we must then ask ourselves: where is my treasure? The things we treasure can easily turn into idols in our lives, which can then steal our attention and affection away from the true object of our worship — Jesus Christ.

Treasures can include much more than material possessions, and they range from our careers to our own self-images and everything in-between. Moths may not eat away at those things, but there are definitely thieves who can come into our lives and steal our careers, self-images, and a million other non-material idols that we erect for our own glories. We must therefore make Christ our treasure, for He is everlasting. No thief can steal Him from us, and nothing can destroy Him. He is our ultimate reward that never fades away, and it is not vain to set aside everything we have in order to pursue Him and expand His kingdom.

Whenever we make Christ our treasure, we can then become a blessing to those around us, whether we give generously to the local church or we share our time and money to help the less fortunate. When we surrender everything we are and everything we have to the glory of God alone, then people will begin to take notice of how different we live compared to the pattern of this world, and this can open up all kinds of opportunities for us to share the gospel with others. The key to living our lives as generous givers is to realize that our time and money really don’t belong to us. Those things have been graciously given to us by God, and we must therefore give those things back to Him through the way we manage our time and resources.

Concerning the musical elements of the worship service last weekend, we compiled songs that not only assert the goodness and faithfulness of God, but we also made an effort to incorporate songs that encourage believers with the fact that Christ is truly our reward and our ultimate treasure, and that He is worthy of all our time and resources.

Weekend set list:

You Are Good (Israel Houghton & Lincoln Brewster) –

Christ Is Enough (Reuben Morgan & Jonas Myrin) –

In Christ Alone (Kristian Stanfill) –

Worthy of Your Name (Brenton Brown, Brett Younker, and Sean Curran) –

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