facetime : Week 2

Day 4 – Act

Week Two – Knowing Jesus

Day Four: Thursday – Act

Your Story Matters – As the woman at the well encountered Jesus, she immediately understood her life was different and no longer her own. Her life was transformed in such a way that sharing became natural. She knew she must share her experience. It bubbled up in her spirit, overflowing freely from her newly transformed life.

Your story is no different than hers. Your encounter with Jesus must be shared.

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Everyone loves a good story. Your story has the unique ability to spark your friends’ interest, helping them relate on a personal level and making your story difficult to deny. In today’s focus, the goal is to help you walk through the steps to form “your story” so that it can be clearly shared.

Paul’s story in Acts 26 provides us a clear outline for sharing our encounter with Jesus. Read Acts 26 to get familiar with Paul’s story. Then, we will walk through three steps and answer six questions to help develop your personal story. You will then be equipped and ready to share with those around you.

Developing Your Story

Step 1: BC-Before Christ
Acts 26:4–11 – “I did all that was possible to oppose the name of Jesus” (v.9).

Question 1 What was your early spiritual background, and how did it affect you as you grew up—your feelings, attitudes, actions and relationships?


  • We were religious, but all I remember were rituals and rules…
  • We never went to a church, my parents taught me there was no God…
  • We based our beliefs on things like horoscopes, lacking any foundation…
  • We knew of Jesus, but not that He is God or Savior…


Question 2 What caused you to begin to consider following Christ?


  • I reached the point where I’d hit bottom. Knew He was the only hope for me-so I cried out to him for help.
  • A Christian friend challenged me to look into evidence for Christianity.
  • A friend of mine changed, his life looked different, and I asked him why. He told me about Jesus.
  • I grew up seeing and hearing about God from those around me and I came to realize it was true.


Step 2: MC – Met Christ
Acts 26:12–18 – “As I was on the road, I saw a light from heaven …and I heard a voice…” (vv. 13, 14)

Question 1 What realization did you come to that finally motivated you to receive Christ?


  • After looking in all the wrong places, I finally reached out to God and asked Him to come and rescue me.
  • My reading and interaction with Christians convinced me the Bible is true and I was ready to stop resisting.
  • After years of ups and downs, I realized the foolishness of running my own life.
  • At some point, I realized the truth of who Christ was and what He had done for me. I knew I needed to be forgiven.


Question 2 Specifically, how did you receive Christ?


  • It was hard to admit, but I concluded that Jesus really is the way, the truth, and the life. I asked him to forgive my sins and to begin leading me.
  • After years of loneliness I learned that God wants to walk with me throughout my life. I asked Him to remove my sins and to become my very best friend.
  • I was at a service where someone explained the truth: simply believing Jesus died to pay for my sins is not enough—I needed to ask him to apply that payment to my life. So, I prayed asking Jesus to forgive my sins and lead my life.


Step 3: AC – After Christ
Acts 26:19–23 – “So then…I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven…” (v. 19)

Question 1 How did your life begin to change after you trusted Christ?


  • It’s hard to describe the difference God made in my life. It wasn’t just external; it’s like my heart was transformed. Overnight my desires began to change.
  • I can hardly put into words the release I felt. I knew my sins had been forgiven, and it was a huge weight off my shoulders. For the first time I felt joy.
  • My life isn’t perfect. I still do things I regret. But my overall course has turned from being self-centered to really caring about God and the people in my life.


Question 2 What other benefits have you experienced since becoming a Christian?


  • Following God has given me purpose—knowing I’m here for greater reasons than just working, eating, sleeping, and doing it all over again. God wants to use me.
  • I used to live with fear and insecurity. While I still worry occasionally, that sense of despair has been replaced with a calm confidence that my life is in God’s hands.
  • God has replaced what I used to think of as fun in my life with a kind of joy and happiness that really lasts.
  • I’ve always had good friendships, but never with the depth I’ve found in some of our church family. Those people are closer to me than any friend ever was before.


Concluding Question: It’s important to end your story with a question or statement that requires a response. Write one as it relates to you and your story.


  • So, that’s what happened to me. Can you relate to any of it?
  • How about you—what’s your spiritual background?
  • Were you taught any of this growing up? Or do you mind if I ask what you believe?
  • That’s my spiritual story. I’d like to hear yours.
  • Does it make any sense to you?


Now that you have completed your story, continue to process and practice sharing it with someone in your Missional Community. As you practice, you will gain confidence and clarity when sharing. Practicing will also prepare you for opportunities to impact someone else’s life for His glory.

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