• Obedience Through Action – Relationship Church Update

    Relationship Church is learning our level of confidence (faith) in Jesus is demonstrated by our actions of obedience and trust.

    I was asked to write a few words about what’s happening at RC, Relationship Church. So, how can I condense what Jesus is doing in “The Quay” Fuquay Varina? Well, I think it’s all about Him stretching our faith both individually and collectively. We just found out that the building we meet in on Sunday is being sold and in less than seven months we have to be out. While that sounds like a lot of time, it’s not. If you consider the time it takes to find a potential facility, negotiate a lease or purchase, submit plans to the local authorities for renovations – well, you get the picture.

    So, what’s Jesus up to? I think He is giving RC a great opportunity to demonstrate faith in Him. But why, because our demonstration of faith is essential to a vibrant relationship with Him. Every “next step” I take toward Jesus is one of faith. Here’s why, He wants me to trust Him to help me do something that I cannot do myself. He is always asking me to do more for others on His behalf and He knows I need His help to do it.

    The really cool thing about Jesus and what He’s doing is that He knows that if we can figure it out on our own, we do not need Him to help us. This is why He continually asks us to take larger steps of faith. His desire for us is to live fearlessly – to have fearless faith in this present world. Right now, Jesus desires for this very moment in history to be characterized by our fearless faith in Him.

    Here’s the way it flushes out for RC. Our level of confidence (faith) in Jesus is demonstrated by our actions of obedience and trust. Our obedience and trust in Him are a result of the confidence or faith we place in Him. Please understand I’m not promoting foolishness or irresponsibility. Definitely not! However, I am exalting the foundational principle that Jesus wants to do more with us than we can do without Him and to accomplishment this we must exercise faith through our actions.

    So, is RC taking this step of faith? Well, we are trying. This is where you come in. I not only encourage you to pray for us to demonstrate faith but also challenge you to take your own actions steps to demonstrate your faith in Jesus. Because, we are all challenged by Jesus to live a life of faith. A life that stretches us beyond our comfort zone and in so doing it brings us closer to Him and when we engage others they see a little bit of Jesus in us.

    Thanks so much for you prayers and support as we all continue to help others follow Jesus.

    -Pastor Tim Epling

    (Launched in the fall of 2011, Relationship Church was Journey’s first local church plant. You can keep up with them at growarelationship.com.)