Mark Harvey

Mark Harvey
Mark Harvey serves as an Elder and Executive Pastor (Missions, Families, & Administration) at Journey Church. Mark is passionate about the expansion of God's kingdom around the world and equipping leaders in other nations.

Why Go On An International Mission Trip?

I strongly believe everyone should go on a short-term international mission trip at some point in their life.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all of Judea and in Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”Acts 1:8

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold I am with you always, to the end of the age.”Matthew 28:19-2

I love international missions and love to lead teams on short-term international mission trips! In my opinion, every Christian should go on at least one short-term international mission trip. There are several reasons why I believe this.

In the verses above Jesus is speaking with his disciples and even commanding them “to go and make disciples of all nations.” A disciple is simply a follower of Christ. I am a follower of Christ and so is everyone else who has accepted Christ as their Savior. This command was not only issued to His (Christ’s) disciples who were with Him during His ministry on earth, but this command was issued to me as well as you, if you are a follower of Christ! He also tells us “to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.” The ends of the earth for me as an Executive Pastor over Missions at Journey Church, are the countries of Honduras, Uganda, and Venezuela. God has commanded me to take groups from Journey to these countries to make disciples!

The second reason that I believe that every Christian should go on a short-term international mission is that the trip will be life-changing for you! Many of the individuals who travel with me the first time, feel that they are going to help the people who live in another country. Their minds change once they are engaged in the trip and with the people of the country – they realize that the people of the country blessed them more than they blessed the people. It also opens their eyes to the fact that Americans are “rich”. We are all rich in comparison to people who live in third world countries.

The last reason that I believe that every Christian should go on a short-term mission trip is found in Matthew 22:39. “And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” One of my favorite things to do on a mission trip is to love on the people inside of the country. Jesus told us to love our neighbor as yourself. Everyone is our neighbor! Although we may not be able to speak the same language, showing God’s love to our neighbors allows us to communicate with them. Before every mission trip, I always tell the team members that I expect only three things of them. They are:

    1. Love the people
    2. Love the people
    3. Love the people

So come and go with us on our next trip!

– Mark

Honduras 2014 Recap

We had a great mission trip to Honduras in June, full of great new experiences and sharing God’s love.

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On June 14, Jeremy Davis and I left for Honduras at 6:00am. We arrived at our hotel in Honduras around 3:00pm Honduras time. To say the least, we were both very tired, but were looking forward to an exciting week there. I had been asked to come and teach Garifuna pastors and church leaders, and Jeremy had asked if he could come along with me the first week as he would be unable to come with the team during my 2nd week in Honduras (Jeremy has been with me 3 straight years to Honduras). I told him that I would love for him to come along with me!

On Sunday morning, I spoke at Pastor Eduardo’s church in LaCieba, which was great. The remainder of the week I taught and Jeremy painted classrooms and the outside of special needs school in Corozal. The interesting thing about Jeremy painting all week is that Jeremy hates to paint and he also likes to talk and he was basically painting alone. The week was great for me, as I always love being with the Garifuna pastors and leaders. I think Jeremy also learned a little about himself that week – it was okay to have some quiet time! The other interesting thing about this week was that FIFA 2014 was going on during this time and Honduras played two games during this week. When Honduras was playing, the city, LaCieba, was basically at a stand-still. I ran (getting exercise) during the game on that Friday (June 20) and there was no one around – everyone was watching the soccer game. The Hondurans are crazy about soccer!

On Saturday (June 21), it was time to take Jeremy back to the airport and pick up the Journey team. The team and their bags arrived safely at around 11:00am Honduran time. The team consisted of 14 people and more than half of them had never been on an international mission trip before. We arrived back at the hotel at around 3:00pm Honduran time and everyone was anxious for the week to begin. During the week, we helped to replace roofs on 2 churches and the roof on a pastor’s home. We also painted the pastor’s home. More than all of that, the team showed God’s love to the Honduran people. We had a great week! On this trip, we had two thirteen year olds. I must admit that I was a little reluctant to take 13 year olds on a mission trip, but they convinced me that they really needed to go! They were both troopers and were just great! The entire team was awesome and learned so much about themselves and God’s love during the week.

I love the Honduran people and always love going back several times a year! If you have never been on an international mission trip, please consider going to Honduras with the Journey team next year.

– Mark