A Candle Light in the Dark

Wes Matlock shares about key opportunities he’s had to shine a bright light in his workplace.

Wesley Matlock serves on our worship team at Journey and has been a vital volunteer in the life of Journey since the early days of the church. Wes recently shared with the worship team some ways God has opened up opportunities at his work to be the mouthpiece of God and to shine a bright light in times of darkness. Check it out!

It is sometimes difficult to be viewed as a Christian in a secular workplace–especially when you are one of only a few. People will always hold you to a higher standard no matter how stressful situations may get. It is also very difficult to keep a strong will when it seems everyone is out to get you.

Recently, I started to feel as if I may have gotten too open with my co-workers. Attempting to be a light in what feels like an inexhaustible darkness can begin to take a toll on your heart. This all began to change after we lost a very dear co-worker and a wonderful friend of mine back in December.

Death is hard, it will never be easy; but, in death people can breathe new life. In this time of having my heart feel like it is getting torn apart I had a few people come to me and simply ask, “Why? Why would a loving God take someone so precious.” In my heartache I have been able to attempt to comfort and relieve some of the questions that follow a loss of a loved one.

“God had a bigger plan in motion when He let him come home.”

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That one answer–the one seed I planted in the few people that asked me–has allowed me to be a vessel for God. Through the pain they began to see that there is a true love that surrounds us.

Beyond having questions of faith, I have co-workers asking for small prayers. Even the smallest mustard seed can be reaped. Another loss happened with a great friend and co-worker when their mother was tragically taken from her. I was able to be a small candle light in a world of darkness for them. I now get asked about bigger questions of faith. I don’t know all the answers to every question I am asked, but I hope that I can be that small light for someone and allow God to do a work in their life. My candle light is slowly burning into a more ferocious flame that has begun to open people to returning to the church or even trying to come to a service for the first time.

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