Managing Time

With time management being the central theme of the message that was preached by Pastor Paul, we as a congregation had to ask ourselves the overlapping question: how can we manage our time in such a way that honors God and places Christ at the forefront of all of our thoughts and actions within our daily lives? Time is one of the things that makes this life so precious. We only have one shot at this life. There are no do-overs or reincarnations. Time is a gift that comes straight from God, and we must therefore be good stewards of the time that God gives us, making the most of every moment in order to bring God glory and point people to the saving work of Christ through the way we conduct our lives.

As a worship team unit, we wanted to convey how we are to worship God with everything, including our time management. In whatever way we choose to use our time, we are to run after God, pursuing His will and His vision for our lives to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to Him. Because of His goodness and His love, we are also to rejoice always and sing His praises, for our God is eternal, transcending both time and space. Ultimately, we are to surrender our time to the Lord because our time is one of the many “crowns” we ought to lay at the feet of Jesus, knowing that He alone is our satisfaction and the object of our adoration.


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